Environmental Achievement Award from the Kitchener & Waterloo Chamber of Commerce - Judges Award, 1997.

About Us

Schroeter & Associates (S & A) was founded in 1983 and offers specialized services in civil, environmental, and water resources engineering. S & A has become a leader in developing and applying computer simulation models for urban and rural runoff, flood forecasting, baseflow and water balance assessments (for rural/urban watersheds and Quarries), golf course and agricultural irrigation storage requirements and water takings, hydraulic transients, dam safety reviews and PMP/PMF studies, water pollutant washoff and loading estimates, snowpack energy balance, blowing snow and sediment transport, instream water temperature, ski-hill runoff assessments, and snow accumulation, ablation and redistribution. Our services include training environmental/water resources practitioners in developing, applying and reviewing hydrologic modelling studies. At present, S & A's largest hydrology program, namely GAWSER (Guelph All-Weather Sequential Events Runoff model), is being applied widely for water management planning and operations, as well as environmental impact and source water protection stress assessments (e.g. Tier 1, 2 and 3). The flooding forecasting version of GAWSER, called GRIFFS (Grand River Integrated Flood Forecast System) has been installed at 10 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. Our clients include numerous Conservation Authorities, federal and provincial ministries, as well as municipalities, and private consulting firms.